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Red Dead Redemption 2 Tips

Posted by Random Terrain in Random Terrain's Tetraternarium, 19 November 2018 · 27 views
PS4, RDR2, White Horse and 3 more...

Finding and Taming the White Arabian Horse the Easy Way
When you Google the best horse in RDR2, people say that the white Arabian horse is the best one and they'll tell you where it is and that you need to reach chapter 2 before riding to the spot. I was playing around in chapter 2 for a while before riding all the way there, but there was no...

Fortnite versus PUBG

Posted by EricBall in EricBall's Tech Projects, 18 November 2018 · 23 views

I've been feeling minor PUBG withdrawal since my son took his Samsung tablet to college as I'm unwilling to spend the $$ to buy my own tablet for a "free to play" game.  Last night i broke down and installed Fortnite on my 27" iMac.  I've played about a dozen games so far and noted the following differences:
The big one is the whole building mec...

Aaron the Aardvark update

Posted by atari2600land in atari2600land's Blog, 18 November 2018 · 27 views

So I went back to work on Aaron the Aardvark. I asked for some things to put in the game. I'm going to put in ants that Aaron can eat by pressing A. A will make Aaron stick out a tongue to eat the ants with. I've got the ants and an anthill in the game, and the ants can walk in a straight line, but Aaron can't eat them just yet. I'm wondering if I should...

Cruisin' On Auto-Pilot - Part III

Posted by DZ-Jay in DZ-Jay's Random Blog, 18 November 2018 · 51 views

We will continue with the technical discussion on the Auto-Pilot soon, but first I want to talk about something I've come to regard as The Great Auto-Pilot Hack .  It's the one change made to the Auto-Pilot framework which enabled some of its most creative uses.
I liken it to having started out with a nice and sleek sports car, souping it...

Congo Bongo

Posted by DoctorSpuds in DoctorSpuds Reviews Things, 18 November 2018 · 41 views

Congo Bongo We’re back in Sega territory today, and the game of the day? Well, how about Congo Bongo? Sure that sounds good. Congo Bongo is a fairly blatant Donkey Kong ‘rip-off’, I only put rip-off in quotes because is almost every way Congo Bongo surpasses Donkey Kong. The original 1983 arcade had an isometric perspective coupled with beautiful gr...

Board Game Development 5 Sometimes You Gotta Commit

Posted by StanJr in StanJr's Blog, 15 November 2018 · 37 views

Ok, so after much hemming and even more hawing (it wasn't pretty), I think I'm going to build this game primarily as a solitaire game with multiplayer options.  It was conceived as a solitaire board game way back in the day and I think that is where it's the strongest.   That takes a lot of the pressure off making sure that the game is fun for 2...

Rockman Dash 2 and more goodies from Japan!

Posted by MegaManFan in MegaManFan's Blog, 15 November 2018 · 36 views
Rockman Dash 2 and 9 more...

Some new video game stuff all came in at once!

Cruiz'in - "Bubsy : Twisted Dreams?" - November 2019

Posted by doctorclu in Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog, 15 November 2018 · 82 views
Bubsy Bobcat, Giana Sisters and 1 more...

Cruiz'in - "Bubsy : Twisted Dreams?" - November 2019 Today we have a late Halloween edition.   As I was recording play throughs of Woolies Strike Back I came across a glitch.  I hit the button for the screenshots or recordings after selecting a level.  The level would load and come up in the wait screen.  On certain levels (shown below) instead of a Woolie you get a winged/horned cr...

New Mac mini

Posted by SpiceWare in SpiceWare's Blog, 15 November 2018 · 80 views

I've upgraded my Mac mini in preparations of getting a 4K TV.  My original mini would support 4K, but only at a 30Hz refresh rate.  Timing for this appears to be good as a couple times last week my HDTV turned on with the convergence seriously out of whack - the Mac's white menu bar looked like a multicolored grin.  Each time a power cycle...

Gameboy Popeye not available

Posted by Serguei2 in Robin Gravel's Blog, 14 November 2018 · 42 views

I found an old letter from Funcoland saying Popeye on Gameboy is not available and it cannot be shipped.

I played Popeye on NES and I'd like to play it on Gameboy.
Time flies fast.

SF2 Champion Edition - NES

Posted by LS_Dracon in Draconland, 11 November 2018 · 94 views

When SF2 arrived in the arcades NES was still very popular.
I remember my friends talking about how cool would be a NES version.
Then the pirates comes with so many SF2 clones, but they have some flaws.
I decided to make a concept proof demo, much like what I did on Simpsons Demo, to test some of my ideas about a SF2 game made by me.
This de...

25 - Power Drive Rally

Posted by Shinto in The Atari Jaguar Game by Game Podcast, 10 November 2018 · 61 views

Download or listen to the podcast episode at atarijaguargamebygame.libsyn.com/25-power-drive-rally
Hop in your favorite (better make that "favourite") European rally car and "terra up de firma" in Power Drive Rally! We explore company histories and the development of the game, dig into the game modes, and marvel at the attention to detail. In the...

S.O.P. Track 3 - Two-Part Invention In F Major

Posted by k-Pack in Switched on POKEY, 07 November 2018 · 78 views

S.O.P. Track 3 - Two-Part Invention In F Major A.K.A. Invention #8
Still working with Atari BASIC to create the sounds.  This time a couple of FOR-NEXT loops were added to give a little attack and decay to the notes before it was compiled.  The Program does some pretty strange things to the notes when used with a MIDI KEYBOARD but works OK as long as a note get turned off before the next NO...

Cafeman's Necessary 2D Page

Posted by Cafeman in Caféman's Blog, 04 November 2018 · 90 views
2D, Sega, River raid, Joust

https://web.archive.....50megs.com:80/  I found a 2001 version of my old site (Well, some of it) on the internet Archive. This site was a part time project of mine, mostly about 2D games on the Saturn. It was created with hand-coded HTML and MS Paint between 1998 and 2001, and it was basically my introduction to...

Bloody "Life Hacks"

Posted by OLD CS1 in OLD CS1's Blog, 04 November 2018 · 74 views

I can be an asshole and sometimes a bit crotchety. It was a relief, therefore, to find that I am not the only one who finds the concept of "life hacks" cringe-worthy and often aggravating, if only for misusing the word "hack." You might come across some viral new "life hack" and think, "nothing special about that," since you or someone or some group of pe...

Vs. Vs. Golf

Posted by Nathan Strum in (Insert stupid Blog name here), 01 November 2018 · 110 views
Video Game Ramblings

About a year-and-a-half ago, I posted about getting my best-ever score in Vs. Golf in MAME: 16 under par.
Since then, I've kept playing and have gotten back to that score and near it quite a few times. But 18 under eluded me. I'd always have one or two bad shots that kept me from reaching it.
I also started playing the Women's Vs. Golf ROM...

Finishing Up (Minikernel Developer's Guide)

Posted by Karl G in Karl's Blog, 01 November 2018 · 66 views

Now that we have a minikernel that can display a life icon for each player and be positioned correctly, we need to display the correct number of lives for each player.  We will do this by setting the NUSIZx register for each player to a value that displays the correct number of copies of the player object that corresponds to their remaining number o...


Posted by damosan in Adventures in CC65, 30 October 2018 · 81 views
cc65 intro

The primary purpose of this blog is to discuss using CC65 on Atari 8-bit computers - which goes from "hey this is easy!" to "omg...how do I do X?!?" pretty darn fast.  My posts will naturally include source code showing how I've managed to do various things with the platform.
The vehicles I plan to use during these discussions are two programs...

Magical Fairy Force

Posted by AverageSoftware in AverageSoftware's Development Blog, 26 October 2018 · 86 views

Got a little bit more done on this.  I now have the fairy power gauges created, and they properly fill as you blast wisps.

The gauges are built from all four player objects, two of them comprise the black "empty" color and the other two are the fill color.  I could get fancy and play with the player size registers to get away wit...

My Comic, "The Scientists" is back!

Posted by G-type in G-type's Blog, 26 October 2018 · 104 views

My Comic, "The Scientists" is back! "It's a genius-centric 'Goonies' that could turn thriller at any moment"
featuring: Comics!

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