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Demo in Action!

Posted by hloberg in HLO projects, 20 January 2019 · 33 views
atari, action!, atari 800 and 1 more...

; "H:LINES.ACT"PROC MAIN() BYTE Y1, Y2, Z, T INT A, B, C, D CARD X1, X2 ;INTL VAR X1=9 Y1=12 X2=40 Y2=30 Z=1 T=0 A=5 B=5 C=5 D=5 GRAPHICS(7+16) ;INFIN LOOP WHILE Z DO COLOR=Z PLOT(X1,Y1) DRAWTO(X2,Y2) ;RAND(X) IS RND(0)*X IF A>1 AND RAND(0)<10 THEN A=RAND(3)+2 FI IF D>1 AND RAND(0)<10 TH...

Spike's Peak (Xonox)

Posted by DoctorSpuds in DoctorSpuds Reviews Things, 20 January 2019 · 37 views

Spike's Peak (Xonox) Alright… So I promised that I would never review this game a long time ago in my Ghost Manor review but I feel that I now know enough about the game to give it a proper review. Spike’s Peak makes me cringe; I can find zero enjoyment from this game no matter how much I play it. Right now Spike’s Peak is the only Xonox game I have that I...

Read, issue 21.

Posted by atari2600land in atari2600land's Blog, 19 January 2019 · 28 views

I made a website for the celery comic book . It is lovely. I've also posted issue 21, and will post issue 27 when I'm done with it. I'll try to write legibly like I did in this issue. Alien Invasion came, and the stupid thing is broken. It won't work. Why can't people TEST their games before selling them? Argh! At least the other, non-Channel-F game I got...

WIP release

Posted by mksmith in Matts's Blog, 14 January 2019 · 54 views

I've posted a first WIP release of my take on Tower of Rubble for the Atari 2600 using batari Basic and DPC+.
Been really enjoying programming a game again after not doing so for quite a period of time. Still have a few things to knock off (especially sound which I'm dreading).  Probably another few weeks to finish.

Problems with wifi band 5 GHZ I used

Posted by Serguei2 in Robin Gravel's Blog, 14 January 2019 · 54 views

I noted few weeks ago, YouTube won't work anymore. 
At this time, I installed Stargate Network, a stargate simulator.
I first thing it was the responsable of this problem until I noted I can't go the internet with my new 3ds.
After few tries, I set my wifi to 2.4 ghz. Now I can go to the internet with my new 3ds and the problem w...

Bosconian side done, ThinCade: (part 4)

Posted by pboland in pboland's Blog, 13 January 2019 · 61 views

The Bosconian portion of the my first ThinCade pair is done. I still have to finish the Robotron side of the pair. There really isn't much to these. Most of the work is the cabinet itself. You can see what I mean when you see the inside of the cabinet. This was my first attempted at making an arcade video game and I learned a lot. So hopefully Robotron wi...

Space Game 2K

Posted by Karl G in Karl's Blog, 09 January 2019 · 72 views

I am working on a small subset of Space Game  in assembly that will be 2K in size.
Why?  I figure it will be good optimization practise for me as well as a way to strengthen my assembly language development skills.  Also, I'm fascinated by the idea of an Atari game small enough to be loaded from a QR code , so I thought I'd try my ha...

Book Review: How To Invent Everything

Posted by DZ-Jay in DZ-Jay's Random Blog, 09 January 2019 · 91 views

I've been reading this book my wife got me for Christmas called, "How To Invent Everything ," by Ryan North, and I can't put it down!  It's hilarious and uncanny and so entertaining!
It's hard to describe what it is.  It's not a joke book, but more like a history book, or a scientific journal, with a sci-fi twist.  You know, it occur...

Maze Generation in Dragon's Descent

Posted by Revontuli in Revontuli's Blog, 07 January 2019 · 111 views
atari 2600, batari basic and 1 more...

Dragon's Descent Level Generation

The game is here:

...a slightly older version here:

When I posted my Atari 2600 game "Dragon's Descent ," I said, among other things, that it was an experiment in maze generation for the Atari.  I'm fascinated with algorithmically generating virtual spaces, from VR to arcade games.  W...

Mega Man Pez dispenser? Mega Man wallet? Mega Man toys? YES PLZ!

Posted by MegaManFan in MegaManFan's Blog, 05 January 2019 · 60 views
Mega Man, Rockman, Capcom and 5 more...

Racking up new items for the Mega Man collection!

Cruiz'in Playstation Classics- Bubsy 3D- January 2019

Posted by doctorclu in Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog, 31 December 2018 · 57 views
Bubsy Bobcat and 1 more...

For this new years I've had a blast getting a visit from Kevmos3 and the Playstation Classics system.   In that one we were able to play Bubsy 3D and the result was amazing.
Check it out...

The Mandela Effect: Home Alone

Posted by Random Terrain in Random Terrain's Tetraternarium, 27 December 2018 · 137 views

The Mandela Effect has been blamed on misremembering/confabulation and that's true when it comes to a lot of the stupid stuff you'll find out there. But there are instances where it seems like something has really changed. Some people say that we live in a holographic universe (that could have glitches or could be hacked by interdimensional aliens). O...

An Early Atari Computer Technical Demo

Posted by Atari_Ace in Atari_Ace's Blog, 22 December 2018 · 112 views

As originally conceived, Atari computers were going to be a platform where the technical secrets were held closely, allowing Atari to reap easy profits by providing software that third parties would be hard to match.  At least, that was the theory.  But the technical secrets were not going to remain secret forever, and as Atari was slow to provi...

S.O.P. Track 6 - Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring

Posted by k-Pack in Switched on POKEY, 20 December 2018 · 77 views
Bach, Switched on POKEY, MIDI and 1 more...

Looking forward to seeing what's under the tree, so until then……..

Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring has been in the archives for quite some time.  I don't believe there is anyway to track down the origins of this MIDI MUSIC SYSTEM file. Who ever is responsible, I would like to express my  gratitude. Although, I didn't use...

Atari Games Elimination Tournament - Sports Edition - The Final!

Posted by AlwaysOnPlanetPatrol in Rose-Tinted Recollections, 15 December 2018 · 89 views
sports, 2600, atari, enduro and 1 more...

So here we are in the final!  It was an action-packed semi-final where we saw two great bouts.
The finalists are:
Enduro (Activision) vs Super Football (Atari)
Both finalists had to deal with some tough opposition, especially in the later rounds. Enduro had to deal with a preliminary round and there was quite the di...

Stay Frosty, Part 10

Posted by SpiceWare in SpiceWare's Blog, 14 December 2018 · 194 views

Last time around, while visiting family for Thanksgiving, I'd implemented a preliminary starfield. I'd originally tried doing so using missile 1, but it didn't work (in Stella) so I changed it to use missile 0. In and of itself that was fine, but missile 0 was used for the melt trail so needed to be repositioned after displaying the stars. As a quick work...

Why CS:GO Danger Zone is better than PUBG

Posted by EricBall in EricBall's Tech Projects, 14 December 2018 · 128 views

Valve decided to make CS:GO free to play and at the same time add a battle royale mode "Danger Zone".  This is great for me as I was looking for a way to scratch my PUBG itch on my 27" iMac rather than playing PUBG on phones.
But IMHO Danger Zone is better than PUBG because it is only 16 players on a correspondingly smaller map.  This lea...

Magical Fairy Force

Posted by AverageSoftware in AverageSoftware's Development Blog, 13 December 2018 · 84 views

It's been slow going on this project lately.  My real job's been busy and I've had the irresistible urge to play Ys VIII again.
Despite this, I have made some progress, although a lot of it has been weeding out bugs in existing code.  There are a few interesting new things in this screenshot:

This first new bit is that th...

Resident Evil (Fun Box) - Atari 2600

Posted by Marc Oberhäuser in Marc Oberhäuser's Blog, 05 December 2018 · 123 views

Here two fun boxes for Haunted House I did for Rick Weis (obviously a big fan of the Resident Evil series) years ago :)

Image Capture on the TI 99/4A Computer

Posted by Vorticon in Vorticon's Blog, 21 November 2018 · 196 views

This is not a new project which was initially started in 2015, but it was never well documented and I was not very happy with the end result at that time. I picked it up again last month and made significant improvements with some guidance from Tursi, so here it is.
Image capture has not been attempted previously on the TI 99/4A computer even thoug...

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